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Warehouse Money no longer offers travel insurance.

Warehouse Money no longer offers travel insurance.  But don’t worry, your travel insurance needs are in good hands. We previously partnered with nib to provide travel insurance policies and service to our customers. nib is one of New Zealand’s largest insurance providers.

Sorry, Quotes are no longer available.

Visit or phone 0800 888 642 to find out more about nib travel insurance.

If you are an existing Warehouse Money policy holder nib will continue to look after you. Your policy will soon change to a nib branded policy. The terms, conditions, benefits, limits and exclusions of your travel insurance policy are NOT affected by this change. 

In the meantime, please phone 0800 801 811 if you have any queries.

If you have a policy and need emergency assistance while overseas, please call +61 2 9234 3170 or for more emergency contact details click here: 

If you wish to make a claim on your Warehouse Money travel policy, click here:


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